Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp

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Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp
Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp

Moza Racing R5 & R9 Table Clamp

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  • High-intensity steel
  • Multi-angle adjustment
  • Suitable for various desks
  • Multiple uses
  • 5mm high strength steel plate
  • Applicable product: MOZA R5 & R9

Size: 160*155*200 (mm)

Material: High-strength steel

Height Adjustment Range: 5mm to 70mm

Angle Adjustment Range: 0° to 70°

Clamp for Truck Wheel * 1

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MOZA Table Clamp

Racing in limited space, use the table clamp to mount the MOZA R5 /MOZA R9 / MOZA R12 to a table or desk.

High-Strength Steel Build

Crafted entirely from 4-6mm thick high-strength steel, ensuring unmatched sturdiness and durability for long-lasting performance.

Versatile Angle Adjustment

Enjoy angle adjustments ranging from 0 to 75 degrees, facilitating effortless customization of steering wheel angle and height. Ideal for diverse driving scenarios like truck simulation, farm simulation, and sim racing, delivering a comfortable and authentically immersive driving experience.

Flexible Installation Options

Easily installable either by clamping onto desktops with a thickness of 3-70mm or mounting onto aluminum profiles, providing flexible installation solutions tailored to your setup preferences.

Universal Compatibility

Seamlessly compatible with all bases within the MOZA ecosystem.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Now Adjusts Up To 15 Degrees

The latest version of this mount has a fourth threaded hole added, can adjust up to 15 degrees.

David D.
My CS DD would not be the same without this

If it weren't for this item my CS DD would have been practically useless. Everything lined up perfectly and the engineering is exceptional.

timothy j.

Nicely built all metal clamp

Ariff F.
Very sturdy and premium quality

Very sturdy table clamp, I only installed one time and they never move even a bit. This product not available in my country so I had to purchase from the official website here. The shipping cost almost the same as the product price lol. But totally worth it for Moza R9 base.

Jules D.
Nice support


Emanuele E.
Easy clamp

Ecsacly for my esigenti , im satisfied!!

Robert H.
Moza table clamp

The truth is that with strong FFB (9Nm+) direct drives, it is a much better solution to screw the DD base to the desktop than to use the tightening clamps. That being said, the Moza DD base is a much better unit than the one by Fanatec because Moza's base will work with both of the manufacturers' bases while Fanatec's base barely works with its own DD. Furthermore, the Moza's DD base is easily adjustable to position the attached wheel at a proper angle for the driver, while I never could figure how to do that all all with the Fanatec base and wheel. There literally no comparison between these two products. Stay with Moza, period.

Moza table clamp for fanatec GT DD PRO

I received moza table clamp today, i used fanatec table clamp and wheel had a lot of flex. With moza table clamp 0 flex(8nm dd wheel) , nothing is moving, easy go install, and very sturdy! Shipped to Serbia in 25 days, i'm impressed! Whole time had package tracking. I would recommend to anyone playing on desk. Using 100% force feedback in fanatec settings and 70% in game (Assetto corsa competizione), nothing is moving, and i dont need to tight the screws every 20minutes like i did with fanatec clamp!

Samir W.
Works great

Great mechanism but it was easy to cross thread and I messed up one of the holes. Coulda been my fault though

pince pour r9

robuste, facile installer et convient trs biens au R9